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Digital Marketing Head

  1. Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns including PPC
  2. Demonstrating to identify and utilize available resources within the team as a Digital Marketing Head ….

About Me

SEO Expert in India

I was born at Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam, India on 18th August 1977

Lecturer to SEO professional

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I am giving assurance to provide best digital marketing services for your organisation.I provided broadened SEO services for reputed national and international organizations….

My Training Sessions

Who is the best? SS Rajamouli or Sundar Pichai

Who is the best? SS Rajamouli-  Who is an icon for Indian Film Industry & a Movie Entrepreneur or Sundar Pichai – the CEO of World’s number one Search Engine- GOOGLE The two legendries SS Rajamouli and Sundar Pichai are now the talk of town. Both have made India proud in their own specialized area. SS Rajamouli made all Indian’s proud with magnificent BAHUBALI movie, which is an epic in Indian Film Industry by making a record of 1000 Cr.  His hard work for continuous 5 years and motivating...

A spotlight on the crimes through Facebook & its impact on Indian Girls

The question starts with – Is the availability of technology is exceeding Humanity? India is a home of multi-cultural and multi-religion where respecting women is primary. Since the ancient days, women are given special respect and as days go on women are given right of power. We should definitely accept the fact that, the trending lifestyle makes society exquisitely depends on science and technology even though many of us hardly know about it. Especially, with corporate culture the parents are more depending on smart gadgets to engage their children besides...

OpenDG: Gearing up for the Next Level !

It had been wonderful 1.8 years since the inception of my own Digital Marketing Firm, Open DG, an unique venture. I have been blessed with wonderful staff and encouraging market possibilities helping us to quickly escalate our resources from 3 to 24 with in a span of few months. We are a bunch of hard working people who pride ourselves in making our clients happy. As a successful Digital Marketing firm with the rapidly growing client base, we were vying to invest aggressively in improving our services by procuring...

Rand Fishkin is the co-founder of the Moz Company

Rand Fishkin is the co-founder and an individual contributor of the Moz Company. He is best known as the wizard of Moz. Rand loves the world of marketing and technology. Rand thinks a lot when it comes to SEO tasks. In his spare time, he likes to wander around the world with Geraldine and loves to read her travel blog. Geraldine and Rand are the investors in Techstars Seattle. Earlier Life Rand managed the web design, development & marketing for all of Outlines’ clients, including several overseas accounts in...

Pichai Sundararajan, Chief Executive Officer of Google

Pichai Sundararajan is the Chief Executive Officer of Google Company under Alphabet Inc. He was the director of Jive Software for 2 years. Sundar was bright and creative from a young age. He received his education from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Now he earns more than $ 50 million. His drive for the technology and equalizing force has made him recognized by the world. Sundar was born on July 12th 1972 in Chennai Tamil Nadu. His father was a senior electrical engineer for the...

Satya Narayana Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft

Satya Narayana Nadella is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft. He is the third chief executive of Microsoft after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Earlier, he was the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group. His core responsibilities included company’s Computing Platforms, Developer Tools and Cloud Computing Services. He is a proven leader with hard-core engineering skills, business vision and the ability to bring people together. Heading Microsoft was ‘beyond his dreams’. He is the highest paid American CEO of the year. His vision has led...

Digital Marketing Work Shop by NALSAR University

NALSAR University has always stood as a change for social empowerment with moral values for law and justice for the society. Development and execution has been the path of success for the enterprise. A place of eminent leadership like NALSAR is a legal studies institution located in Shamir pet, Hyderabad, India. Center for Management Studies of NALSAR University has conducted a workshop on Digital Marketing on 8th and 9th of September. As a guest speaker I provided sessions on SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Affiliate and Email marketing, PPC etc....

Workshop on Online Marketing by GITAM University

I am very happy to share that I found a best response to my online marketing workshop at GITAM University, Vizag. Many tech graduates who are studying in GITAM institutions were attended to my workshop. Online marketing is the most important thing in the e-commerce business startups online. There are numerous websites are on web. Among those millions of websites, your website must be identified to get your products by the customers. So, online presence is more important to identify among crowded websites. The perfect online presence will help...

Digital marketing updates

This was a programme arranged for the SEO professionals of Hyderabad working in various organisations. Arranged by Idone SEO at Jigyaasa, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, it was a mixed session about digital marketing updates and...

Blog management seminars

Our Blog management seminars: Blogging days are here and a blog is a personal website or web page which an individual record of opinions and knowledge also providing a link to other sites. In order to smooth the path for efficient blogging, a blog management seminar was conducted at OMICS group, Hyderabad. Spread in number of sessions, I reached out to more than 400 OMICS employees for effective implementation of blogging and its management. The official OMICS blog was initiated earlier and definitely benefited from this seminar. Best...

Digital Marketing Classes

During my stay at Vishakhapatnam, I carried out SEO and digital marketing classes to students pursuing different streams of education at my home. The personal attention and the homely factor of these classes made a tense free environment for the students to grasp and learn. What distinguishes the others from the people in the digitized world? It is the quality to harness every available resource on the web and put it some productive use. To inculcate these learning habits into students and individuals of varied ages, I organized and...

Internet Awareness Program

In this world of information and technology, internet is a dominant factor for learning and Internet awareness in extremely significant for the all round development of students. Through this Internet Awareness programme arranged by ACT, I reached out to more than 300 students as a co-ordinator. This programme had unrestricted audience combined not only of students but also home makers and...

SEO for HouseWives

Held at Vishakha public library, Dwarkanagar, a large number of keen house wives participated in this programme. The Indian women no longer want to be economically dependent and instead want to support the family financially, also being liberated for themselves. An initiative to help the home makers for starting their own ventures was to provide the appropriate training towards SEO. A seminar on SEO for house wives was arranged at Vishakha public library, Dwarkanagar at Vishakhapatnam I am the keynote speaker for this workshop of SEO for house wives....

Internet Marketing Seminar

This Internet marketing seminar arranged in Vishakhapatnam was well-received by the people from all the verticals. The world is said to be now made by the various connecting dots of internet. It is the new global sensation and the internet is the new answer to every ‘it’ thing you might face. Marketing your brands online is the new trend that is gaining momentum. Any product, brand or company can be popularized, discussed and sold online. Internet media is sought after from all the genres in the market and hence...

WordPress Training

In Vishakhapatnam, on the behalf of Adharana charitable trust, I provided training on various computer platforms like C language, WordPress and other basic computer applications. WordPress is a fabulous way to start a unique domain blog for individuals or an organisation. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service. Its features include a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10...

Memory Techniques

To boost the memory techniques of students from five telugu medium colleges of the Vishakhapatnam district, I hosted a workshop on memory techniques and its enhancement. Education today is chiefly based on memory techniques. Be it any field, the memory has to sharpened and constantly upgraded with the huge pool of knowledge and information available in the world. It is hence extremely important to develop special skills to enhance the memory in order to stand out from the crowd. Based on this very principle, a session to boost the...

SMO Crash Course

Over 30 students participated in the Social Media optimisation course held at Vijayawada. This two day SMO crash course was an introduction to basic concepts of SMO and was indeed a thought provocation in the subject. With changing times, marketing or popularising any brand, product or company over the web is one great option to improve the audience and enhance the performance. Earlier the marketing strategy was restricted to mouth publicity, print media and later digital media like television. Later, with the increased intervening of social networking sites, the...

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