Academic Counselling Sessions

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Academic Counselling Sessions

Academic counselling sessions at Anakapalli to graduate and intermediate students@2005 was one such programme.

What is the goal of any common individual? It has no definite answer and can have a varied answer including a sportsman to an engineer. Can be doctor or a software programmer! An architect or a designer!

These exponential times are ushering in infinite opportunities and careers to choose from. There can be a perfect balance between talent and opportunities. World is no more restricted to the conventional education system. Professional courses are ensuring that the talent meets the needs and gets the required recognition. So, it is extremely important to stand out of the crowd, choose the right professional path and thrive your own way towards success.

Hence, academic counselling sessions finds an ultimate base for the same.

Keeping this key issue in mind, academic counselling sessions were organised by me. The academic counselling sessions at Anakapalli to graduate and intermediate students in 2005 was one such programme.

This academic counselling session put forth a precise light on the fact that teaming up education with interactive knowledge about the opportunities is the key to become a successful professional.

The students attending these academic counselling sessions were varied from the intermediate classes to the graduates. The students were detailed with various options available and where can they receive a professional breakthrough.

This included first the analysis of their respective skills, an aptitude check which helps determining where they can be at their best, a host of new career options and then about the current requirements of various professionals in vivid fields. It is important for the students to know what their hidden talent is and how can it to be brought to proper use establishing them as professionals. These academic counselling sessions were an interactive effort and the aspirants benefited from the experienced guidance from me