Top SIX Reasons To Choose Me As Your Professional SEO Expert

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  1. Continuous SEO experimentation:

An SEO expert with more experience will be able to look at every website with a new perspective, which is perfect for that particular site and know exactly what needs to done for it while someone new at SEO will try the same things on every site, which will only have a limited effect. As a Professional SEO expert I had to conduct many experiments to be able to understand the algorithm that Google is using to rank websites. I found that there are Hundreds of patterns used to rank websites to the top.

  1. Follow Up to date new algorithms:

After Google restructured the search algorithm with the Panda and Penguin updates it took me six months to understand it but I did it! Almost 30 new patterns added and I found out that now the most important factor is the design and visual quality of a website. That is why SEO has gotten easier for quality websites.

  1. Redesigning Website (If required):

A substandard website will not get good status on Google or any other search engine’s first page. Your company’s Website might look great, with plenty of multimedia buzz. But if the site isn’t constantly attracting targeted visitors and converting them into customers, it’s not doing its job. But don’t worry because in the process of SEO I also repair and redecorate old websites and give them a brand new, modern look.

  1. Trust and Sincerity:

I believe that trust and honesty are very important for a long-term association, especially when it comes to SEO. The biggest issue is by far the delay of the SEO work that can go from 1 – 4 months depending on the condition. The customers that trusted to work with me for more than 1 year have seen their business explore and they accept as true this is best investment they ever did.

  1. SEO is an investment for the future:

Never be confused between SEO and PPC (Pay per Click – AdWords). They are totally a different concept.  My work effects last much longer so paying for SEO should be seen as a deal (a very advantageous one if done right) because my Professional SEO results last longer! I am able to do that because in the link-building process I always obtain links for a lifetime as a substitute of rented one.

  1. Efficient use of your funds:

To stay in advance of the other SEO experts I’m always doing my best to provide drastically better Professional SEO results than the others for the same price. In fact, it often seems like I’m the only one taking so much attention to details.

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3) Participated as a Guest Speaker at reputed organisations like GITAM University, NALSAR University etc.,

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