Digital Marketing Work Shop by NALSAR University

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Digital Marketing Work Shop by NALSAR University

NALSAR University has always stood as a change for social empowerment with moral values for law and justice for the society. Development and execution has been the path of success for the enterprise. A place of eminent leadership like NALSAR is a legal studies institution located in Shamir pet, Hyderabad, India.

Center for Management Studies of NALSAR University has conducted a workshop on Digital Marketing on 8th and 9th of September. As a guest speaker I provided sessions on SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Affiliate and Email marketing, PPC etc. I was tagged as a well-known SEO trainer which helped me to conduct workshops at GITAM University, SIS Tec Engineering College etc. My 13 years of experience has brightened up the Search & Social Media Marketing program. This program has brought vast experience in the digital marketing industry.

It provided the individuals an opportunity for knowing digital marketing to a greater extent. The views for the topic have surely helped me to bring awareness in other fields, looking at the context of case studies. My passion was to share willingness of search marketing with common characteristics.

A search engine like google looks for priority for quality content and optimized social media promotion. I say a constructive web designing and quality link building gives the best rankings at Google Search result pages. Tacking a search engine is impossible, but mending ways to optimize these websites can surely push up ranking for Google. I believe Digital marketing has already become a best way rather than traditional marketing. Hands on internet and smart phones have grown rapidly in the year 2013.

My breadth of digital marketing experience on working for national and international projects has developed business culture guides for Political and movie promotions that became successful channels in terms of marketing. I traced the statistics of website visitors based on locations as well as sales leads etc. Paid campaigns at Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. are the attractive elements of workshop.

A successful web and digital operation based at the NALSAR University included the following key points.

  • Creating a website within an hour based on consulting all the key points of required statistics.
  • Earning Money via work at home by using digital marketing.
  • Providing information about verticals in Digital Marketing as well as online reputation issues.

Dr. Pinaki Nandan Pattnaik, the head of the Centre for Management Studies, Mr Swapnarag, the Professor for Management Studies and all the MBA students’ participation have highlighted the event.

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