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Ecommerce in India have managed to achieve the evolution of billion-dollar valuation. It deals with the trading of products or services using an internet. When it comes to e-commerce the first thing that comes to mind is how it is done in terms of SEO. The rise of ecommerce websites has heralded a new era is SEO services. I provide the ecommerce retailers with maximum SEO potential to rise above the competition resulting in more customers and increased sales.

I handle all aspects of your online presence from design to development through standard SEO services. I work with a number of open source platforms with my own E-Commerce software. On each platform I operate with specific benefits depending on the short and long time requirements of any store. Ecommerce management has come up with different solutions for several problems which are faced these days. Let us look at few problems for which I have come up with solutions.

ecommerce management

  • A problem arises when most of the ecommerce retailers have lot of similar product pages. These products are in multiple colors, sizes and variations which have their own individual product webpages. This gives a lot of options for customization. But for a search engine it is difficult to analyze these webpages. For this I have come up with a solution of fixing canonical tags for the similar product pages to indicate the search engines which is the most important version of the webpage.
  • A product list stretches across multiple pages and these pages are registered as duplicates in terms of a search engine. Listing hundreds of products on a single page increases your page load times. For this I provide a solution by adding pagination tags to sequential product pages which will indicate to search engines that multiple webpages are treated as one webpage.
  • Ecommerce solutions have always offered multiple versions of a website for mobile users with a great usability perspective. These essentially come up with the same content on multiple pages. However, ecommerce Hyderabad has served up with great utility functions. During this a cross duplication can be a problem. So I provide supply product descriptions to your re-sellers so that you can sell through multiple sites by disparate markets. These may use the same descriptions across domains. For which the alternate solution is provided by SEO experts like me.

Dealing with a website that has a large number of duplicate product pages have led to an ecommerce management. The best technique I use is to prioritize your optimization efforts by focusing on the most important products. I determine this by the products that have the highest profit margin along with highest sales.





The arrival of ecommerce websites has brought upheaval in the process of purchasing and selling goods. In this regard, it is important to consider websites like ebay, amazon etc. They have largely used the e commerce procedure to make sales revenue …