Memory Techniques

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Memory Techniques

To boost the memory techniques of students from five telugu medium colleges of the Vishakhapatnam district, I hosted a workshop on memory techniques and its enhancement.

Education today is chiefly based on memory techniques. Be it any field, the memory has to sharpened and constantly upgraded with the huge pool of knowledge and information available in the world. It is hence extremely important to develop special skills to enhance the memory in order to stand out from the crowd.

Based on this very principle, a session to boost the memory and put it into proper use was organized by me. Organised for the students of five different colleges located in the Vishakhapatnam district, this workshop was a meticulous experience for all the aspirants.

In this workshop on memory techniques, the main subject of discussion was how to develop your brain to adapt it and make it memorize things. I boosted the morale of the aspirants and helped them in learning quick ways. Various oral and visual memory tests were undertaken at this workshop on memory techniques.

The workshop included interactive session wherein different skills were introduced to develop the memory of the students. A lot of skill games and tricks were employed to keep the participants involved and students learnt the techniques in a fun way. Memory handling and memory boosting was explained through number of slides and presentations and this was definitely fruitful for the students. Various concepts to improve the memory like elaboration, association, link system, story system, loci system, journey system and basic mental filing were introduced and elaborated in this workshop on memory techniques.